Dealer Application

Why submit an application

As a manufacturer and supplier of premium solar products, Sentinel Solar is always seeking professional dealers to sell our equipment. Becoming a dealer for Sentinel Solar will help you develop a strong customer base through joint marketing and communication efforts.  

Sentinel Solar is committed to assisting dealers make that sale through specialized pricing, allocated stock product, and priority shipping. We can assist in project management from small 10KW systems up to 500KW commercial systems.  

Our in house services allow us handle aspects of a project that perhaps are out of the scope of your outfit – such as engineered drawings or system design, or even financing options that we can provide to your clients.  

All in all, there are no greater benefits than becoming a dealer for Sentinel Solar, join with us, build a committed relationship with us, and we will take care of you and your business.

Key Dealer Benefits!

  • Dealer Pricing
  • Priority Shipping
  • Inventory Allocation
  • Net Terms

the application process

Please fill out the following information to be submitted for dealer consideration.  The address fields should reflect that of the place of business the company/dealership operates from, or in the event no such facility exists you may enter your personal address.  These details will all be verified following the application receipt with a follow up call from one of our specialists.  Thank you for considering becoming a dealer for Sentinel Solar.

application form

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