Renewable Energy Accounts for Two Thirds of All New Power

renewable energy is on the rise

In October 2017, the International Energy Agency released their review of worldwide energy production. The big news is that renewable energy sources made up two thirds of all new power in the past year. Solar in particular, took top spot for most growth.

Production of new solar power overtook new hydro energy for the first time in this century. The IEA estimates that it will remain the dominant growth engine for energy production at least through 2022. In five years’ time, total solar energy production will exceed that of India and Japan combined.

This is all in spite of US President Trump’s pledge to revive coal, and abandonment of the Paris Agreement on renewable energy initiatives. The rest of the world is in stark contrast to the US stance – India, already a leader in the field, is set to double solar capacity over the next five years.

Closer to home, Clean Energy Canada has stated that 30% of Ontario’s energy is now from renewable sources, reducing the reliance on nuclear power generation. Ontario also just released their Long-term Energy Plan, which not only emphasizes renewable energy production, but for the first time pro-actively focuses on emerging energy storage technologies.

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