Functional Alternatives to Rooftop Solar

Located in beautiful British Columbia, Prisym Renewable Developments Inc. is a Vancouver Island based specialty solar company with a focus on the design and integration of solar in buildings and structures.  Prisym has been in business since the end of 2016.  They have completed rooftop installations on flat roofs using the ecofoot2 system, standing seam metal roofs using the S-5! mounting systems, installations on asphalt shingle, low slope torch down membrane and concrete tile roofs.

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Today we talk to Kyrle Symons, president and consultant for Prisym, to learn more about the SunPergola – a beautifully crafted pergola with integrated solar!

Prisym rooftop alternative sun pergola

Designed for North America, the SunPergolas are produced and tested on Vancouver Island, BC, pairing advanced solar technology with timber frame construction and joinery for a unique, modern look and feel for your outdoor space.

Prisym Renewable Developments Inc.

What led to the design of the SunPergola?

“Whether our customers have a poor roof line that prohibits the use of solar, excessive shading that offers poor solar performance or the client simply dislikes the aesthetic of rooftop solar, we offer a functional alternative that allows solar to be placed anywhere on the property while doubling as an attractive living space for entertaining or relaxing outdoors.  We saw the need for functional alternatives to rooftop solar and have made this vision a reality.”

What solar Products are incorporated into the sunpergola?

“We integrate LG bifacial modules in the structure.  The entire structure has been designed around the solar energy system to improve the visual appeal while ensuring the backside of the modules is unobstructed to achieve maximum bifacial gain from the underside.  We’ve also chosen to integrate the Enphase IQ series micro-inverters as they offer many benefits to DC string inverters when manufacturing and installing the pergola as a living space.”

“A lot of the reason we have been able to achieve the aesthetic look that we have is because of the clear backsheet and appearence of the bifacial modules.  The white backsheet of standard modules simply doesn’t do the structure justice.”

Close up of Prisym sunpergola a rooftop alternative

What type of mounting system is used for the modules?

“We use a proprietary channel locking mounting solution that enables us to mount the panels securely while keeping the back side unobstructed, keeping to the goal of eliminating cumbersome mounting components for an appealing look and efficient installation.”  

Our passion for sustainability drives our effort to integrate solar into the lives of our clients, through the building of solar structures.  We aim to offer British Columbians the finest in integrated solar architecture to create modern living spaces where solar energy becomes a foundation of building design.

- Prisym Renewable Developments Inc.

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