Sentinel Solar Introduces the Titan Lite

Sentinel Solar has been designing and manufacturing premium ground mount racking systems for over 15 years in Canada, for Canadians and Canadian weather.  While these systems offer customers a robust, heavy-duty racking solution with a full suite of features designed to withstand the harshest conditions; there are consumers in moderate climates who could benefit from a ground mount racking system that does not require these features. As a company, we understand that cost can be a large factor for some customers wanting to add solar to their home or business which is why we have developed the all-new Titan Lite, a cost-effective, fixed ground mount racking system.

figure 1

When coming up with the design of the system, we initially thought about taking our already developed Spyder™, heavy-duty roof mount racking, and creating a ground mount system from it.  We had seen other manufacturers use this approach in the industry before, and decided to run some engineering tests. During the simulations we discovered that simply reusing existing racking as a ground mount system was not a viable solution. The simulation proved that the racking wouldn’t necessarily fail, but the likelihood of causing micro-fractures to the pv module’s cells was evident. With excessive wind loading, the amount of deflection on the rail was enough to warp the pv-modules. (fig.2)

CGI wind loading simulation of Titan Lite mounting system
figure 2: L-Titan Lite system | R-Spyder HD Rail system

PV module cell micro-fractures are invisible to the human eye, but the problems they produce include: affecting the output efficiency, voiding the warranty, and decreasing the overall lifespan of the module.

Instead, we designed a completely new racking system. The Titan Lite follows the same quality standards as our other ground mount systems, but is simpler, faster to install, and more cost effective. With these criteria in mind, we have still been able to offer a feature-set which customers have come to expect from Sentinel products.


Can be set anywhere from 35-55° in 5° increments


Least amount of components in the Titan product family


Accepts all standard framed 60 or 72 cell modules


Install on cocrete, wood, or pile-type bases

Most fixed mounting systems only offer a standard tilt angle. The Titan Lite gives you the ability to set your fixed tilt angle between 35°-55° at time of installation. The integration of our Typhoon™ rail, a shared rail module mounting technology used on all of our ground mount systems, provides customers with endless configuration options and the ability to use all standard 60, or 72-cell modules.  One common problem when installing a ground mount system is finding the right location due to the various ground types and the inability to lay concrete. The Titan Lite solves all these problems by allowing the system to also be mounted to ground screws, wooden trusses or frames, helical piles or cylindrical piles – the possibilities are endless.

When it comes to choosing a fixed ground mount system for your next project, choose the Titan Lite, a truly cost-effective, versatile, feature-packed racking product from Sentinel Solar.

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