Sentinel Solar uses innovative approaches to design, finance and project management for advanced energy storage solutions for large scale industrial complexes. These solutions are customized efficiency and cost effectiveness, and come with added benefits including stability, scalability and reliability.

Oil & Gas

The global demand for energy over the next two decades is expected to increase dramatically.  This increase in energy demand is expected to pose a major challenge for energy companies, particularly oil and gas companies.  This is due to diminishing conventional oil reserves around the world, and increasing dependence on heavy crude oil, which requires significantly higher energy to produce and process.


The use of solar energy resources by the industry will save significant amounts of oil and gas resources, freeing them to meet the energy demand for other applications locally or internationally.  At the same time, reducing the environmental impact of the industry.

Electrical energy is used in the oil field for different applications, such as submersible pumps, water purification, water pumps, lighting, and other electrical applications. In remote areas that have no access to power from the grid, their power requirements are often met using diesel generators.  However, with today’s prices of solar energy, the economics are in favor of solar when compared with diesel generators.

The oil industry has an opportunity to use available space, such as rooftops and car parks to install solar PV technology to supplement some of its electrical demand.  Sentinel Solar’s products and solutions for the oil and gas industry are cost-competitive, reliable and more economical than other energy production means. 

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Reliable wireless communication has become so popular around the globe today than in any other time in history.  Improved quality of service and cost reduction are important issues affecting this industry.  In order to serve a growing demand for connectivity, telecom towers are increasingly being constructed in remote locations where the grid is unreachable.


With many telecom network sites located in remote areas where no grid access is possible, or access to the grid is unreliable, alternative power sources such as solar makes sense.

The telecom industry relied on diesel generators to power their towers—but as we know—diesel generators don’t run as expected, are very costly to maintain and emit greenhouse gasses.  Today, companies believe that solar powered telecom towers are capable of transforming the industry due to their low cost, reliability, and environmental friendliness.

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Wind + Solar

Electrical power generation is changing dramatically across the world because of the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to introduce mixed energy sources. In Canada, the use of wind power has been on the rise.  With this continuing rise, the hunt for cheap ways to store large amounts of energy produced is needed.


Due to the random nature and frequency of wind, electric power generated is highly erratic and may affect both the power quality and the planning of power systems.  Wind power storage technologies have become exponentially popular and more efficient over the years.

Wind farms typically generate most of their energy at night, when most electricity demand is lowest.  So, a lot of the “green” power produced is wasted. Considering that electrical appliances work the hardest and consume much more power during the day—here is the big question—how can most of this produced power be stored for use in the day when loads require it the most?

Sentinel Solar has packaged solutions for wind power storage.  Our complete power generation systems “suite” coupled with a storage system enclosed in a climate-controlled chamber is effective for wind power storage.

Sentinel Solar’s energy storage systems play an important role in wind power applications for utility production by controlling wind power plant output and providing ancillary services to the power system.  This ensures an increased penetration of wind power in the system.

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