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Off-grid solar systems used for recreational facilities and activities need to both store and provide power. They also need to be keyed to the environmental extremes they may face. Mobile solar energy systems may be deployed in a wide range of circumstances. Sentinel helps you select the right products, and engineer the most effective renewable energy system for year-round recreational use.

Solar for your Cottage

Sentinel Solar offers a wide array of solar power products to use with your off-grid cottage. We have in house experts who are able to help you calculate the correct size system and help you determine the best products to use.


Many cottages would benefit from the additition of a solar installation. Especially those whose cottgages are in very remote areas, without access to a utility grid.

Cottages tend to be used on a more frequent basis in the summer time, dependent on where it is located. However, no matter how often you visit, the utilities will still need to be running, and if it is connected to the grid, the owner is still paying the utility bill. By adding a solar installation system, the bills can be reduced, or elimated all together.

Recommended Cottage Solar Products

Solar on the Go

Who says solar applications have to be stationary. Sentinel Solar offers a wide assortment of products that allow solar to move with you.


Taking solar on the go is now made possible thanks to technological advancements and continuous innovation.
Mobile solar applications allow solar energy to be generated, anywhere, no matter your location. Mobile solar includes but is not limitd to; golf carts, transport trucks, motor homes, utility trailers and live in trailers. This application allows you to have electricity on demand, without requiring a grid connection or generator, and an added bonus, it is renewable.

Recommended Mobile Solar Products

Solar on the water

Why not extend the number of days you can spend anchored in the middle of the lake. This is made possible through use of solar on your boat. Sentinel has all of the products you need to make this happen.


Marine solar applications allow you to save on fuel and avoid listening to a noisey generator for hours on end. When in the middle of a body of water, there are little to no obstructions, allowing solar power generation to excel. Marine solar applications also allow for you to leave small loads running safely while you are away from your boat.

With ample advances in technology, their are more options available to you. Sentinel carries a vast array of products to suit your marine solar power needs.

Recommended Marine Solar Products

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