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Solar energy helps homeowners save money on electricity costs, reduce their carbon footprints and help curb greenhouse gas emissions.  Sentinel Solar provides resources to help you install solar energy systems, chose effective incentive programs and guide you towards achieving energy independence.

Offset Energy Costs

Net metering systems are connected to the local utility grid, and enable eligible customers to reduce their net energy costs by exporting surplus generated electricity back into the utility grid for credit against the electricity they consume.

Net Metering Benefits

Net Metering is a type of grid tied solar installation that is connected directly to the homeowner’s electrical panel.  When the homeowner’s solar panels produce electricity, it can be used directly.  But in the case where more electricity is being produced than it is being consumed simultaneously, the extra electricity will be sent back to the grid, earning the homeowner credits in exchange.

The Net Metering system is simple and cost effective.  You get real value for the energy produced, without having to install a second meter or a battery storage system.  It allows homeowners and businesses to produce energy, which takes some of the pressure off the grid, especially during periods of peak consumption.

With rising electricity costs, Net Metering is becoming an attractive option for more homeowners.  This is because the more the price of electricity increases, the more they can benefit from having a Net Metering system. Plus there is the added convenience of being connected to the grid. If the produced power doesn’t meet demand, extra electricity can always be drawn from the grid.

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Energy Independance

Off-Grid solar power systems designed for either homeowners who are located out of power/utility grid reach, or for those who want to achieve energy independence.  Designed to be 100% self sustaining, these systems are not affected by any outages that would occur with a grid-tied solar generating system.

Off-Grid Benefits

As the name implies, the systems are completely cut off from the grid, with no connection whatsoever.  The system relies on batteries to store the power generated by the solar panels for use when the system is not generating enough to sustain household functions, for example, at night.

An off-grid system can be installed virtually anywhere, as long as there is sun exposure.  The homeowner will not be receiving any power bills at all, making it a free power solution for your home.

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Power when you need it

Sentinel Solar designs and manufactures complete storage solutions consisting of battery/inverter systems that can operate loads such as lights, entertainment systems and appliances.  Whether you plan to save power from the utility grid or solar power, our backup solutions have you covered.

Back-Up Power Benefits

A common concern about installing a solar system is the desire to have back-up power in case of utility power outages.  Residential solar systems with battery back-up are less expensive than off-grid solar systems.  Where going completely off grid requires a back-up power source, such as a generator; In a hybrid solar system with back-up power, the household doesn’t need to back up their entire electrical panel – only the loads they deem as necessity, such as a refridgerator, lights and heating systems, or in some cases life-sustaining medical equipment.

With new innovations in solar systems with battery back-up, new ways to save money for the homeowner have entered the market.  The peak charges of time of use billing can be diminished through the careful set-up and usage of a battery based storage system alongside a solar array.  With a grid interactive inverter, homeowners can now charge batteries during off-peak rates from the utility grid to be used once the price of electricity peaks.  Or, they can charge their storage system from the solar array during the off-peak times of the day when utility rates are low, then use the stored energy to curb the on-peak rates.

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