Why We Do What We Do

Smog, a combination of smoke and other atmospheric pollutants used to be a common thing to experience just a decade ago.  According to a CBC article, in 2015 we had ZERO smog days, compared to 53 just a few years earlier.  Whether you can see it or not, smog can irritate your eyes nose and throat, and can even worsen existing heart and lung problems. This can be more prominent in the elderly and active children.

Toronto City Skyline with atmospheric smog

Even though Canada has experienced a growth in population over the last few years, and the economy has been demanding more production and delivery of goods, services and housing, mostly coming from the energy of fossil fuels. Canada has still managed to keep air pollutant numbers down. This has been achieved by implementing new regulations, improvements in vehicles and the adoption of more environmentally sustainable practices by consumers.

Seeing this drastic drop in the number of smog days is just one of the many reasons we do what we do here at Sentinel Solar. No matter how big or small, the effect we are having on the environment is a positive one. This is evident after reading this article. And, although we at Sentinel are just a small piece of the puzzle that is the entire renewable energy industry, we are helping to make a difference for not only our own lives, but for those who will follow. At a higher level, as previously stated, implementation of new regulations like that of the new federal carbon tax should instill in people that pollution has a cost and encourage them to work towards a cleaner, more sustainable future. We have seen an increase in the adoption of renewable energy and electric vehicles among Canadians and people worldwide, we can only expect to see more positive results at a global level moving forward.

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