Sentry Mega

Dual Axis Solar Tracking System

Bigger is better...


The Sentry Mega has been designed from the ground up, benefitting from every Sentinel tracker design that has preceded it. It is a culmination of our efforts to provide the strongest, most efficient, most productive Sentry tracker to date. With advanced tracking technology, lifelong operation, and the ability to generate up to 24kW of power, the Mega stands true to it’s name. 

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Shared Rail Module Mounting System

The shared rail system used with the Sentry Mega allows for ultimate design flexibility by supporting virtually all framed 60 cell, or 72 cell PV modules. With minimal backfacing interference, the shared rail system is optimal for the use of bi-facial solar cell technology, increasing energy production yields greatly.

Sentry Mega Design Advantage

Generate up to 40% more energy yield than a traditional fixed system

Hold up to 60, 72 cell PV modules on a single tracking array.

Low maintenance, life long operation with real-time monitoring.

Key Features

Scalable System Architecture

Capable of operating as a stand alone generator, or, in a utility scale format using master slave technology.

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Intelligent Logic Control Software

Pin point accuracy using astronomical tracking will keep your PV modules producing at their maximum output year round.

Interactive Monitoring & Control

Real-time web-based monitoring with an email alert system and interactive remote control, provides instant feedback during operations.

Precision Engineered Design

Heavy guage, galvanized sub structure with fewer parts, and a dual axis slewing drive for maximum strength and reliability.

Perfect Pairings

The Sentry Mega is designed specifically to take advantage of bi-facial PV module technology. With the shared rail design of the Typhoon rail system which elminates rear facing obstructions, bi-facial PV modules are able to harness up to 20% more energy while installed on the Sentry Mega.
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Tracking The Advantage

The Sentry Mega’s astronomical tracking algorithm follows the sun with pin point accuracy, making it the ultimate product for solar PV generation. Once installed, the tracker is calibrated to the sun and operates autonomously. The operational parameters are configurable and can be tailored to suit any environment,  such as high wind areas, or areas with varying climates.

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Safety Features Providing Peace of Mind

The Sentry tracker is equipped with several safety features to keep your investment secure and increase its longevity. Wind meters gauge the surrounding areas wind speed and places the tracker into a safety position when a maximum threshold of 50Km/h is reached.  In the event of a power failure, the control system is equipt with a back up interface that triggers the system to move to a safety position while sending an alert to notify the system owner. 

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