Don’t be scared off by the consideration of custom manufacturing – Sentinel makes it easy and painless.  A large percentage of all projects include some custom design – so we’ve likely already done what you need.

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We’ve documented the design and engineering for every custom solution provided by Sentinel. We can readily draw on this extensive library representing two decades of experience – and best industry solutions. We have manufacturing diagrams and sepcifications for everything in our library, so we don’t need to “re-invent the wheel”. Not only does this mean amazing speedy design solutions, it also means we don’t need to break the budget to go custom.

We are always ready for a new challenge.  Get started on your custom solution today.  

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The most common requirements for custom manufacturing are for sub-frames and anchoring methodology, though we do get a few real curve balls thrown our way too.  Typically this will take about 4-6 weeks, but we know how to do this at the same time we’re reviewing the electrical, applying for permits, and handling all of the other project management tasks and activities – we do it all!

Project Management