Start Saving with Solar

If you’re looking to see how Solar can help save you money than you’ve come to the right place.  With over 25 years of experience, we have the knowledge of solar products,  and the network of professional solar installers.  Use this assessment request form to see how solar can help save you money on energy with either a grid-tied, or an off grid solar power system.

Things to consider: What kind of system do you need?

GRID TIED | Solar Power

A Grid-Tied system, or net-metered system, is an effective way to start saving money through the use of solar power.  With net-metering, you can send electricity generated by solar power to your hydro company’s distribution system (LDC) in exchange for a credit towards your electricity costs.  Any excess credits you earn can be carried forward for a 12 month period to pay for any future electricity costs.

OFF GRID | Solar Power

Off Grid solar power systems are designed for either homeowners who are located out of the power grid’s reach, or for those who want to achieve energy independance. Sizing a system for off grid solar power depends on your energy needs and wants.  Our extensive knowledge of off grid systems can help you to become 100% self-sustaining.