Pitched roof mount racking system

Unique design

ULTIMATE performance

Spyder is a flush mount racking system for pitched rooftops. Designed for Canadian weather, the Spyder system is capable of withstanding up to 4 feet of snow, while balancing this load evenly across every truss through our unique staggered foot engineering.

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Spyder Racking Features

The Spyder system provides a suite of features making it one of the most sought after rooftop racking systems.

Looping animation of Sentinel Spyder Racking flashing installation

Custom Flashing

The Spyder system uses a proprietary flashing design that mitigates water penetration into the roof.

Adjustable Rail Height

The Spyder foot allows the rail height to be adjusted from 2 to 4 inches, which compensates for roof sag or unevenness.
3D animation of the Spyder Racking Clicloc module clamp

Clicloc Module Clamp with Integrated Bonding

The module clamps used on the Spyder system have built-in bonding that reduces overall balance of system costs.

Spyder Design Advantage

Longer spans with staggered footing minimizes penetration points.

Integrated bonding brings balance of system costs down.

High-grade aluminum for long lasting strength and performance.

Perfect Pairings

Solatrim™ safeguards and protects solar rooftop panels for your home, permanently.  Not only is it strong and easy to install, it augments the lifespan and longevity of rooftop panels.  Now available through Sentinel Solar.

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