Sunny Skies for Edmonton Solar Programs

The City of Edmonton is one of the sunniest in Canada. And it’s poised to take advantage of that fact. The fifth largest municipality in the country, Edmonton gets more sunshine than most in the winter months, when solar productivity usually decreases. Since solar energy is based on sunlight, not heat, it can be great for your electricity bill.

Edmonton has the potential to produce 1245 kWh/kW, 50-80% higher than similar sized cities around the globe. Not surprisingly, most of the comparable cities are also in the prairies – the sunniest place in Canada.

Edmonton's New Residential Solar Program

In June, the City of Edmonton rolled out a solar rebate program for homes, which can cover roughly a third of the cost of going solar. The City has partnered with Energy Efficiency Alberta (a provincial government agency) to rebate $0.90/watt. Now while this is purely for residential use, the Energy Efficiency Alberta rebate of $0.75/watt will also apply to eligible commercial and non-profit facilities.

The Solar industry in Alberta has doubled since 2015, thanks in large part to incentives like these, and:
• Alberta Municipal Solar Program
• Alberta Indigenous Solar Program
• Banff Solar Initiative
• On-Farm Solar PV Project
• ACE Green Generator Feed In Tariff

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