Titan SP

Single axis adjustable ground mount system

Small Array

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The Titan SP is an energy generation power house in a compact size.  With it’s specifically designed single pole structure and usage of a shared rail system, the Titan SP can support up to 16 PV modules.

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Powering Agriculture with Bifacial Solar Panels

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Installation Post Types

The single pole installation eliminates concerns over frost heaving and misaligned supports.  Adjustability in the sleeve provides for up to 10° of deviation from plumb on the post, should anything shift over time.  The single pole design also allows for flexible installation options including various support post types.

Concrete Embedded

Pile Driven

Rock Anchored

Unique Shared Rail Mounting System

The shared rail system used with the Titan SP allows for ultimate design flexibility by supporting virtually all framed 60 cell, or 72 cell PV modules. Using only 3 supporting rails to mount 2 rows of PV modules allows for rapid installation and system deployment. With minimal backfacing interference, the shared rail system is optimal for the use of bi-facial solar cell technology, increasing energy production yields greatly.

Titan SP Design Advantage

Generate up to 20% more energy yield than a traditional fixed system

Take less time to install with minimal ground preparation cost

Provide years of trouble free operation with very little maintenance

Key Features

Modular Design Architechture

Configure the Titan SP to use either 60 cell, or 72 cell PV modules, and install any type of power electronics. Install multiple Titan SP systems side by side to create a large array.

Seasonal Adjustable Elevation

Utilize the adjustment system to alter the tilt elevation of the array and maximize production yield according to each season’s sun angle.

Rapid Installation Process

With a single pole structure, fewer components, and a shared rail system, the Titan SP installs more efficiently than any other ground mounted racking available.

Precision Engineered Design

Designed with heavy duty galvanized steel, structural grade hardware and precision aluminum rails for maximum durability even in the harshest environments.

Perfect Pairings

The Titan SP is designed specifically to take advantage of bi-facial PV module technology. With the shared rail design of the Typhoon rail system which eliminates rear facing obstructions, bi-facial PV modules are able to harness up to 20% more energy while installed on the Titan SP.

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